Self-Acceptance: The Power to Ultimate Happiness

What’s self-acceptance?

The best way to comprehend self-acceptance starts with exploring the question; how do you feel about self? Depending on your self-perception and treatment, it forms a foundation for self-acceptance. Truth is, accepting life’s imperfections and acknowledging the limitations of our strengths is an important psychological element which culminates into self-acceptance.

To manifest self-acceptance, the following conditions yield.

  • Resilience to deal with adversity. One of my favorite song lyrics asks the audience “Who never messed up? Hands in the air. No hands!” and this establishes an important life lesson. No matter your social status or competence, life is messy. This doesn’t mean you don’t get upset when things don’t work. On the contrary, it’s vital to be downcast when messed up but; cut yourself some slack. Research shows when a balance exists between challenges and the reaction, one is less likely to feel inadequate or withdraw from relationships. Additionally, this boosts self-compassion towards others.
  • Self-compassion enhances self-understanding, and how to leverage our strengths and manage our weakness for a better outcome.
  • Ultimately, these conditions result in self-acceptance as we understand the dynamics of our existence, both internally and externally.

Importance of self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is one of the most important keys to happiness. when you love and accept yourself, it’s much easier to find happiness in life. self-acceptance leads to self-confidence, which is essential for a happy and fulfilling life.

Many people struggle with self-acceptance because they compare themselves to others. By focusing on their own flaws and shortcomings, they forget to appreciate their own strengths and qualities. Self-acceptance is not about being perfect. it’s about accepting yourself for who you are, flaws and all.

When you accept yourself, you are more likely to love yourself. Self-love is essential for happiness. when you love yourself, you are more likely to take care of yourself and make choices that are good for you. Self-love also makes it easier to forgive yourself when you make mistakes.

Self-acceptance is the key to happiness. by accepting yourself, you open the door to self-love and a happier life.

Self-Acceptance in a Fast-Paced World

Let’s not forget the fast-paced assertions of today’s world and its impact on our overall happiness. The modern living places so many demands to the extent that people forget to uphold the basics of healthy living. The preoccupation with these self-beliefs is gradually driving people towards self-destruction. In most instances, people set expectations and when life, in its usual unpredictability, strikes negatively, start to self-loathe and pushing themselves into a world of melancholy.

Self-Acceptance and social media

In middle school, I remember this lady who often broke down. One day during a sports day, she and I were paired. At the back of my mind, her lifestyle was enviable. She changed clothes and hairstyles at will. Her classmates openly adored her. What more could anyone wish for?

I decided to pounce on this opportunity to get a snippet into her personality. Honestly, having a popular girl as a friend in middle school is a bonus. I hoped for that much.

After engaging in a few warmups, I asked her, “What’s up with you breaking down?” It seemed as if I opened a can of worms. She went into a monologue of how she was ugly, worthless and stupid. Apparently, her friends on social media trolled her looks due to a persistent acne. The mocking included jibes how not even filters could eliminate the acne.

Ladies and gentlemen, that marked my first talk on self-acceptance. While self-esteem infers the value you attach to yourself; acceptance is being at peace with all facets of our existence. The good and the bad.

I’m not a gifted athlete but on that sports day, I felt like an Olympian gold medalist.


How to Accept Yourself

Parents can inculcate self-acceptance in their children by offering positive affirmations. Psychology indicates when parents keep highlighting the uniqueness, value and self-identity of children from an early age, it eases the possibility of self-acceptance crisis later in life. Critically, it’s vital for parents to practice acts that instill such traits to their children since minors accept themselves to the extent, they feel accepted by adults.

The level of self-acceptance varies

Change of mindset is indisputably one of the best ways to boost self-acceptance. Thoughts determine and influence our actions. As a man thinks; so he is. Therefore, when thoughts of inadequacy, frustrations, and worthlessness dominate you, then you’re most likely to validate them through actions. Conquer a negative mindset and you’re on a path to self-acceptance. Shed thoughts that distract you from fulfilling your true purpose. Psychologists refer this inner voice as the inner critic. Surprisingly, research shows that an average person is harsher to themselves than they are to others. Subdue the negative inner critic and embrace an inner voice that makes you happier, confident and loved.

As we wrap up, here are a few more tips on how to practice self-acceptance.

1. Eliminate the need to change yourself

This can be challenging especially in this age of fakeness and social media. Stop chasing butterflies to please others and realize that you’ve got what it takes to be successful. Look inwardly and appreciate the person you see. Just like a flower bloom, any positive change follows suit.

2. Face your fears

Life comes to all of us. Trauma, feelings of inadequacy, skepticism are some of the factors preventing us from taking the next leap of faith. Acknowledge these fears by creating a list and celebrate any milestone. A big victory is a string of small victories.

3. Build a positive support system

Show me your friend, and I’ll decipher your character. Surrounding yourself with pessimists will not make you an optimist. Even in a million years. Associate with people who bring out a better version of yourself.

4. Don’t be personal

Seriously, avoid taking things personally. At the end of the day, everyone wants to improve their loves. So, forgive yourself and others, and focus on what brings you joy. The world doesn’t revolve around you, and opinions differ. Focus on you!

Habits of people with self-acceptance

  1. They don’t compare themselves to others
  2. They focus on their own strengths and qualities
  3. Accept themselves for who they are, flaws and all
  4. They love themselves
  5. Take care of themselves
  6. Make choices that are good for them
  7. Forgive themselves when they make mistakes

Go forth and start appreciating your gifts and talents. Avoid the bickering and resist all attempts to steal your spotlight. You are limitless. Conquer yourself!

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