Love at First Sight: Expert Opinions

Indulge me for a moment. How did you meet your partner? Some people met across the room, eyes locked and this set forth a beautiful story. A love story. Well, don’t worry if yours didn’t work out. It’s not always rosy. In fact, love at first sight is a bit of a controversial topic. However, this doesn’t mean invalidating its existence.

Is love at first sight false?

On the contrary, love at first sight is as real as it gets.

Love at first sight is a phenomenon that has been written about and talked about for centuries. But is it real?

Scientists and psychologists say that love at first sight is indeed a real thing. The explanation usually given is that when two people meet, they may have a strong physical attraction to each other. This is often mistaken for love, but it is actually the result of hormones being released in the body. These hormones can make a person feel like they are high on drugs, which explains the “electric” feeling that some couples report when they first meet.

It could be a positive illusion

One of the studies indicates that love at first sight could be a positive illusion created by couples to convince themselves they are in love as they were since the first day.

The study found that love at first sight was more likely to happen if the couple had already decided they were attracted to each other before they met. In other words, love at first sight may not be an authentic experience, but rather a result of a memory bias. It implies love at first sight is not actually a true and distinct form of love.

Fun fact

Talking with your partner about the day you first met increases feelings of connection and love. So, try dwelling on the past, in a good way to keep rekindling your relationship.

Can love at first sight lead to marriage?

Love at first sight can certainly lead to marriage, but it doesn’t always mean that the love will last. In order for love to last, couples need to work on their relationship and put in the effort to keep the spark alive. Without this, the initial “electric” feeling will eventually wear off.

Spending too much time watching films and reading magazines can distort the whole concept of love. If love doesn’t come within the first few minutes of seeing someone, then it’s not love. This is simply not true. Love takes time to develop. So don’t be discouraged if you lack an instant connection with someone. It takes time to get to know someone and to develop feelings for them.

Films such as The Bachelor, Love is Blind, and Married at First Sight include a trope of movies cashing on the distortion and bending of love as it should be objectively understood.

Love is something cherished and built over time with sweat, blood and tears. It is not something that happens instantaneously. So, take your time getting to know someone before you declare your love for them. There’s no rush. True love will last the test of time.

So, what is love at first sight?

It depends on how you define love. If you believe that love is a strong physical attraction, then yes, love at first sight is real.

Love at first sight is a physical attraction that is often mistaken for love. However, this does not mean that love at first sight is not a real phenomenon. It is possible for people to feel a strong connection to someone they have just met, but it is important to remember that this is not always indicative of lasting love. If you want your relationship to last, you need to keep putting in the effort. Go out for quiet date nights, enjoy long walks with your partner or simply do whatever keeps you glued together.

It all depends on you

Define how you want to look at love. If you are looking for something that will last a lifetime, be ready to put time and effort to develop it. People romanticize love to the extent it has become almost impossible to objectify it. Holding yourself to societal expectations and standards is the last thing you should do. It exerts unnecessary pressure and takes away your autonomy. Ignore it. Focus on what tickles your partners and keep doing it. Ultimately, true happiness is shared and experienced by both of you. The world is dynamic and can easily mess a beautiful story. Guard your love jealously.


Love at first sight is not necessarily a lasting love. Unless you work to maintain and grow your relationship, the initial feelings of love will eventually wear off. So love at first sight may be real, but it is not necessarily something that will last forever.

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