How to Keep Your Husband Happy : Top 20 Ways

At the Joy Vibes, we always try to be as neutral as possible. However, there is one religious quote that resonates most with this topic.

“Wives, respect and obey your husbands in the same way. Then the husbands who do not obey the word …”

Religious Text

Herein lies the main difference, even from a psychological point, between men and women. Before you start stoning the messenger, I believe in equality. Men and women are fearfully and wonderfully made each with a uniqueness that compliments one another in a marriage. Respect is non-negotiable when it comes to keeping your husband happy.

The fragility of men’s ego

For centuries, men mastered the art of entitlement. The rights to vote, own property, and other entitlements separated men from women. While these historical injustices have been eroded over time, they highlight a psychological paradigm necessary to better understand your husband.

In short, men are fragile. No, not in the sense that they need you to do everything for them, or else they’ll break down into a pile of mush (although sometimes it may feel that way). Their fragility refers to their need for respect.

Keeping your husband happy

Men, despite contrary social expectations, generally have fragile egos requiring constant stroking. It’s no wonder that many love songs are about a man’s need for love and admiration.

“I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” by Elvis Presley, “The way you look tonight” by Frank Sinatra, “Can’t take my eyes off of you” by Frankie Valli, and “At Last” by Etta James are a few examples. If you find some time, listen to these songs.

The love and admiration of a good woman is essential to a man’s happiness. It’s one of the most important things you can give your husband.

Here are the 6 effective tips to make your husband happy:

1. Make your husband feel like a hero

Yes, women have fought for their rights, and they should continue to do so. And while men may not be as oppressed as they once were, they are still expected to be the heroes.

One way to make your husband happy is to make him feel like a hero. This doesn’t mean you have to turn into a doormat or let him walk all over you. It does mean that you should recognize and appreciate his efforts, no matter how small they may seem.

If he opens the door for you, say thank you. If he helps with the dishes, say thank you. If he helps with the kids, say thank you. You get the idea.

It’s the little things that make a big difference in a man’s happiness. When you show your appreciation for his efforts, it not only strokes his ego but also makes him feel loved and appreciated.

2. Compliment your husband

Another way to make your husband happy is to compliment him. Men love compliments just as much as women do. In fact, they may even need them more.

When you give your husband a compliment, it makes him feel good about himself. It also makes him feel loved and appreciated.

So, the next time you see your husband doing something that you appreciate, don’t hesitate to tell him how much you appreciate it. I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear it.

3. Be his best friend

One of the best ways to keep your husband happy is to be his best friend. When you are friends with your husband, you have a special bond that goes beyond love and admiration.

Happy couple

You share a friendship that is built on trust, respect, and love. When you are friends with your husband, you can talk about anything and everything. You can also rely on each other for support and love.

So, if you want to keep your husband happy, be his best friend. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

4. Make sure to spend quality time together

This means putting away the phone, turning off the TV, and really focusing on each other. Have conversations, go on dates, and just enjoy each other’s company.

5. Show appreciation for the things he does

Whether it’s big or small, let him know that you’re grateful for his efforts. A simple “thank you” can go a long way.

6. Respect him and his opinions

Even if you don’t always agree, it’s important to show that you value his thoughts and feelings. This will go a long way in keeping him happy.

Keeping your husband interested in you

7. Communicate openly and honestly about your needs and desires.

This will help you stay connected to each other, and it will make him feel confident in his role as your partner. Most people forget the value of communication in diffusing any conflicts and resolving even the most problematic issues.

8. Engage in regular physical intimacy.

Whether it’s through sex, cuddling, or affectionate touch, being physically intimate with your husband is a key way to keep him happy and interested in you. Let your husband feel your presence in different ways.


Psychologists classify sex as a basic need. It means just as you prioritize clothes, food and housing, ensure physical intimacy is in the mix for a functional marriage.

9. Stay positive and upbeat.

When you are constantly stressed or negative, it can take a toll on your relationship. Instead, focus on the things that make you happy and try to maintain an overall sense of optimism about life. Your husband needs a cheerleader, and you’re his biggest fan. Respectfully offer your criticism and let him know of your unwavering belief in his efforts.

10. Make time for fun activities together.

Whether it’s going for a hike, watching a movie, or simply lounging around the house, spending time together doing things you enjoy can help keep your relationship healthy and happy.

11. Cook his favorite dish

If you know what your husband’s favorite dish or activity is, do it. Whether it’s a home-cooked meal, tickets to his favorite sports game, or a weekend getaway, doing special things to show your love and appreciation can help keep your husband happy and interested in you.

12. Learn to listen openly and with empathy.

This means really paying attention when he talks and showing that you understand where he’s coming from. If there are issues between you two, this may be one of the most important ways to address them and keep him happy in the process.

13. Be faithful in marriage

There’s no substitute for faithfulness in marriage. Remember when we alluded to the fragility of men’s egos? Psychologists argue men find it harder to forgive infidelity compared to women. For most, it’s an insult to their manhood and masculine frame. Unfaithfulness, irrespective of whichever party commits it, should be condemned. Don’t expect to keep a happy husband if you’re openly breaking your faithfulness vows.

14. Be a problem solver

Your husband will always have problems, both big and small. He’ll look to you for support as he works through these issues, and it’s important that you are there for him. This means being a good listener and offering concrete solutions when possible. Remember to respect his opinions and maintain a supportive, encouraging attitude.

15. Spend time with his family

If your husband has close ties with his family or friends, make the effort to spend time with them too. This is not only an act of kindness but also shows that you value his relationships as much as your own. By doing this, you can help keep your husband happy and interested in you for many years to come.

16.Make time for yourself

Regardless of how busy you are, it’s important to make time for yourself. Whether it’s through exercise, meditation, reading, or simply taking a few moments each day to unwind and relax, finding ways to care for your own needs can help you be a better partner and contribute to your overall happiness.

17. Show respect and appreciation

Respect is perhaps the most fundamental element of a happy marriage. Be sure to show your husband respect at all times – whether this means honoring his opinions or listening patiently when he’s talking. And don’t forget the importance of expressing gratitude! A simple “thank you” can go a long way toward keeping him happy and interested in you.

18. Keep things fresh

Remember that marriage is a journey, and you will need to work on your relationship over time. Whether it’s through trying new things together or simply keeping up with the little things, finding ways to keep things fresh and interesting can go a long way toward helping you build and maintain a happy marriage.

19. Take care of yourself physically

It’s hard to feel good about yourself if you’re not taking care of yourself physically. Pay attention to your health by eating well and getting regular exercise, as this can have a big impact on both your mental and physical well-being. And make sure to take steps to ensure your appearance is always at its best – whether it’s getting regular haircuts or maintaining a consistent skincare routine.

20. Set aside time for each other

Finally, make sure to set aside time for each other on a regular basis. Whether it’s going on date nights or simply catching up over coffee, taking advantage of opportunities to reconnect and have fun together is key to building and maintaining a happy marriage. With these tips in mind, you can be confident that your marriage will stay happy and interesting for years to come!

With these tips, you can keep your husband happy

Focusing on these tips will help you attract and maintain a happy, loving relationship with your husband. After all, keeping him happy is important not only for your happiness but also for the health of your relationship. So, take the time to show your husband that you care and appreciate him, and he’ll be sure to return the favor. Good luck!

Common Questions

What makes a man happy in marriage?

Key factors like respect, communication, and intimacy can help keep your husband happy in marriage. This means treating him with kindness and understanding, listening to his needs and opinions, and making time for each other to connect and nurture your relationship.

How do I attract my husband?

Acknowledge and cultivating the qualities that attract your husband, like kindness, generosity, and attentiveness, can help you attract his attention and build a fulfilling relationship with him. Whether it’s through spending time together or simply communicating openly and honestly, maintaining these key elements in your marriage can help keep your husband interested and happy for years to come. So start putting in the effort today to attract and maintain your perfect man!

How do I keep my husband interested in me?

Taking care of yourself physically by eating well and getting regular exercise can also contribute to your overall happiness as a couple. So if you want to create a happy, loving marriage that lasts, start focusing on these key factors today!

What does a man need from his wife?

Respect, admiration, and fulfillment in physical intimacy come to the top of mind. Of course, other factors such as focusing on the above tips can help you attract your husband and keep him happy, interested, and fulfilled in your relationship. Whether you’re looking to attract a new partner or maintain the one you already have, prioritizing these key factors is essential for building and maintaining a healthy, fulfilling marriage. So start focusing on your marriage today and enjoy all the benefits of a happy relation

Final thoughts

Keeping your husband happy takes deliberate efforts to be the best one can be. However, some reciprocity goes a long way. Hopefully, your husband returns the efforts with similar gestures. Just show him love, respect, and appreciation, and be his best friend. I’m sure he’ll love you for it.

When you show your husband love, respect, and appreciation, you are actually showing yourself love, respect, and appreciation. After all, happy husbands make for happy wives. And happy wives make for happy marriages.

So, if you want a happy marriage, start by making your husband happy. I’m sure he’ll love you for it.

Don’t be afraid to put in the effort – it’ll be worth it in the end.

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