How to Find Joy in the Small Things

It’s significant to plan, wish and anticipate the great things in life. Imagine the grand milestones you achieved. Graduating, purchasing a house, and marriage among others. Such things bring happiness to anyone, including myself. In our relentless pursuit, we promise ourselves to experience happiness when we tick off these accomplishments. “When I buy a car, I’ll be very happy.” Then the car arrives and you decide to want more.

That’s the paradox of true happiness. However, true happiness lies in contentment – contentment with what little you have. It is enjoying the little things that life has to offer. When you are content with what you have, you will be truly happy. Not because you have accomplished great things, but because you appreciate the little things in life. So content yourself with what little you have and be truly happy.

Importance of finding joy in the little things

Opens the path to greater things

In this life, it’s good to aspire for greater and better things, but they do not guarantee happiness. True happiness comes from contentment – contentment with the little things in life. It is enjoying the seemingly insignificant moments that make us happy. When we are content with what we have, we will be truly happy. Not because we have accomplished great things, but because we appreciate the little things in life. So content yourself with what little you have and be truly happy. Think of the saying a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. That’s how life should be lived. It calls on us to appreciate the beauty of today and rejoice in the promise of the future.

Live like a child

live like a child to enjoy little things in life

Before you frown, think about how children find happiness in small things. Children can ridiculously enjoy a bath because of the bubbles. Some keep reading a book simply because they value and appreciate the power of learning a new word. No wonder Christians believe the heavenly kingdom belongs to those who act like children. Their innocence, zeal for life, and indifference to everything else make them perfect models. Remember the dreams you harbored as a child.

I always wanted to become an astronaut as a child but life realities set in. My father once bought me an astronaut’s suit for my 10th birthday. Well, I treasure the suit, and my father. The pure bliss and nostalgia, whenever I look at the suit, compensate for any feelings of failure or disappointment. Finding joy in small things enables us to overcome feelings of failure and sadness.

Tips to finding joy in small things

It would be best if you start by looking at your life and identifying the little things that make you content.

1.Schedule time with yourself

Things like a good cup of coffee in the morning, working out, or reading your favourite book can help get you started.

2.Try new things

Also, try new things to see if they make you content. After all, part of finding contentment is learning what works for you.

3. Don’t compare yourself

You should also avoid comparing your life to others as this will only lead to feelings of envy and dissatisfaction. In this life, there will always be a person having it better/worse than you. If you think your neighbor’s wife looks better, remember there’s someone out there who really wishes to court your wife. Contentment brought her to you. Don’t mess it. It’s a blessing and regarding it as such strengthens your bond.

4. Be grateful

Be grateful for what you have and learn to find happiness and satisfaction from the small things. When you start contenting yourself with the little things, you will be on your way to happiness.

This poem beautifully sums up contentment.

In this day and age,

what things give happiness and contentment?

Is it money or career?  

​Or does it depend on

​how much of these that you have?


We all have to unforget (remember) 

that we can’t all be rich 

and successful as we want to be. 

We have various places in life 

that we have to accept, 

or simply we have 

different roles to portray on earth. 

There are those who become ultra rich or super rich, 

and those who are plain rich.

There are those who just have enough to live on, 

and those that are having hard times 

trying to make ends meet. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, contentment is key to happiness. It is finding joy in the small things that life has to offer. When we are content with what we have, we will be truly happy. So content yourself with what little you have and be truly happy.

Be grateful for what you have

The little things in life are what make us happy. It’s the small moments that we often take for granted that mean the most. A smile from a stranger, a phone call from a friend, a sunny day after a long period of rain – these are the things that make us happy. And when we learn to appreciate these little things, we will be content with what we have and truly happy.

Appreciate the little things in life and find joy in them. That is the key to true happiness.

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